How to Send Passwords and Sensitive Information Over the Internet

In this world where identity theft and cyber attacks run rampid - it is super important to protect yourself and your private information online.

Often times you will need to send passwords or other sensitive information either to your web developer or to someone who may need access to one of your accounts and one thing you DO NOT want to do is just send that private information over in a plain text email.

How can you safely email passwords or other sensitive information?

Ultimately what you want is a system that will encrypt your information and automatically delete it once the person you have sent it to has read it. is a simple website that offers just that.

Simply enter in the information you want to send -> click generate link -> the system will create an encrypted note and then provide you the link -> copy the link and email over to whoever you want.

Once the note is read by the person you sent it to, the note will automatically self-destruct so you don't have to worry about your private information being stored somewhere else online.

This is a simple way to safely email sensitive information such as passwords or other private information. It is the method we use and recommend you use as well.

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